Request for Updates from Our New Members

Dear Members of The Atlantic Canada Puppetry Association/
Association des marionnettistes du Canada atlantique

It’s time to take on the challenge of promoting our membership as an active division of UNIMA-CANADA. Our next step will to launch our bi-monthly Journal, with the objective of sharing news and views pertinent to the art of puppetry in our region.

To make our project relevant, we need your input, and have set our first submissions deadline for June 19, 2015. Here’s what we’d welcome:

1) A brief and breezy few paragraphs (maximum 250 words) outlining your projected activities over the summer months, including performance and workshops if relevant.

2) Above all, please send us an image of your work, so that our JOURNAL can be prefaced with a rotating gallery.

3) Submit your information in the language of your choice (i.e. English or French). No need to translate.

IMG622Our Journal will be overseen by two generous volunteers – Jason Tucker (Mermaid Theatre’s Office and Tour coordinator) and Tara Manuel (our board member from NL). Tara will be contacting individuals in the near future, with the intent of ultimately creating an archive of members’ profiles.

To forward your contributions, please email Jason:

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s a media update:

The new UNIMA ATLANTIC site is live:
(Here is where we will launch our bi-monthly JOURNAL)

the FB page has been renamed to follow suit:

You can also follow us on Twitter at @AtlantiqueUnima

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia’s homepage (where potential members can download registration forms and make membership payments) has been updated as follows:
the PayPal link has been added, and should make a $21 payment to the ACPA/AMCA (less fees).

For information about UNIMA-Canada and UNIMA International: see

Sara Lee Lewis (Lee)
Managing Director
Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia

UNIMA Atlantic Canada Puppetry Association
UNIMA Association des Marionnettistes du Canada Atlantique

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Welcome to the ACPA / Bienvenue à l’AMCA!

Atlantic Canada Puppetry Association
Association des marionnettistes du Canada atlantique

** la version française suit **

Since its inception, Mermaid Theatre has played a pioneer role in promoting the art of puppetry. The creation of the Institute of Puppetry Arts in 1998 laid the foundation for diverse teaching, mentoring and outreach activities. In particular, the Institute’s professional training intensive known as Animotion has garnered widespread respect as its graduates launch their careers in the performing and media arts. The Theatre Loft, with its increasingly popular artist–in-residence program, has become an important centre for puppetry-related research and development.

A new initiative will provide a platform for the region’s puppet theatre artists by forming an alliance among worldwide practitioners of the age-old art. The Atlantic Canada Puppetry Association / Association des marionnettistes du Canada atlantique (ACPA/AMCA) will be formally affiliated with UNIMA-Canada and UNIMA-International, sister organizations whose mandate is to link puppeteers nationally and internationally; to support professional programs; to stimulate the general public’s interest in the art of puppetry; and to promote the visibility of Canada’s puppeteers all over the world.

The Atlantic Canada Puppetry Association, with headquarters at Mermaid, is registered under the Nova Scotia Societies Act and governed by a founding board of directors drawn from the four Atlantic Provinces.

We are currently looking for and accepting new members throughout the Atlantic Canada region. The annual membership fee is $20 (includes affiliation with UNIMA CANADA and UNIMA International. Please note that the ACPA/AMCA is a Nova Scotia Registered Society but not a charitable organization – accordingly no tax receipt will be issued.)

Email address:

Registration forms and payment details are available here

C’est un plaisir d’annoncer la constitution officielle de l’Association des marionnettistes du Canada atlantique. Le temps est venu de vous inviter à devenir un de nos membres fondateurs.

Cette nouvelle initiative fournira une plateforme de réseautage pour les artistes de la marionnette de la région et leur permettra de rejoindre l’alliance internationale des praticiens de cet art millénaire. Atlantique Canada Puppetry Association/ Association des marionnettistes du Canada atlantique sera formellement affilié à UNIMA-Canada et UNIMA-international, des organisations conjointes dont le mandat est de rassembler des marionnettistes à un niveau national et international; d’appuyer les programmes professionnels; de stimuler l’intérêts du public pour l’art de la marionnette; et de promouvoir la visibilité des marionnettistes canadiens partout dans le monde.

L’ACPA/AMCA, dont le quartier général est au Mermaid Theatre en Nouvelle­Écosse, est enregistrée sous la Loi sur les sociétés de la Nouvelle-Écosse et est régie par un Conseil d’administration issu des quatre provinces atlantiques. D’autres informations et le formulaire d’adhésion sont disponible à partir du site Web du Mermaid Theatre ( et également d’UNIMA-Canada (

N’hésitez pas à partager cette invitation, pour contribuer à bâtir ensemble notre organisation.

Merci pour votre soutien!

Jim Morrow, Président
De la part de l’ACPA/AMCA
The Atlantic Canada Puppetry Association/AMCA
c/o Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia
P.O. Box 2697, Windsor, NS B0N 2T0


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